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Greenbank Rugby League



 Please note there NO drinking of Alcohol or smoking allowed along the sidelines .. If you wish to consume alcohol please do so in the defined areas of the club..

Parents please note that the BIG  DIRT MOUNDS  behind the Mod field is out of bounds. Please do NOT let your children climb all over them..

  THe Club now has NRL passes for Broncos Home games .

If you wish to get one please see the League office -- They must be returned and signed in the following Tuesday night...



Please Keep Your Speed Down
Some cars have been seen driving at dangerous speeds through the car park. Please remember that young children will often run out from behind parked cars in the excitement of meeting their mates. Even 10-15kph may be too fast to avoid a tragedy, so please drop your speed in the car park to around 5kph and be very aware that children may do the unexpected!


No to Rubbish

There is a lot of litter being left around the grounds and car park on training nights and on game days. It is disappointing to see the amount of rubbish left laying around at the end of training or games. Some one has to pick this up to keep our grounds looking tidy. Please treat you club facilities as if they were your home.


Referees at Greenbank (2006 SEASON)

Greenbank Rugby League has 4 club referees and they are:

Mr Bruce Thomson

Mr Peter Koplick

Mr Chris Johnson

Mr Anthony Johnson

Without refs in our sport we would not have a game.

Please remember that these refs do a fine job each weekend and we would like to see Greenbank lead the way in encouraging them (not abusing them).

THERE ARE SOME COURSES COMING UP  SOON FOR STRAPPERS and possibly FIRST AID.. If your interested please see a Committee member soon.....