Greenbank Rugby League
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General Information



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The coach is primarily responsible for the management and conduct of the team and must nominate a “Manager” for acceptance by the Management Committee.

The Manager is responsible for activities including team jerseys, team finances, and equipment and ensures a reliable communication link with the Management Committee. All Team funds must be deposited into a nominated account  and will be checked monthly by the treasurer.

The club recommends that assistant managers be appointed to ease the workload on game days.

The club recommends that the coach and Manager call an early (parent) meeting to generate parental support and democratically decide a number of issues in support of the team conduct for the year, including sharing the duties for jersey wash, duty official, and any other game day duties.




The team scheduled to play first on any particular field is required prior to that game to ‘setup” the field equipment, and the last team to play on that field that day is required to return all the field equipment to the store room. The field surrounds should be left clean, including boot tape and rubbish bins are supplied for litter.




Match jerseys are not to be worn other than in a formally sanctioned match. They should be retained as a set for the year and not distributed to individual players.

The team by roster or volunteer is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of jerseys.




No member or patron is entitled to take alcohol to any Brisbane Junior Rugby League Ground.

Any Alcohol sold at grounds must be consumed within the designated areas and not taken to the sidelines of the playing field. Referees are required to stop any match where this rule is infringed. These people are to be moved to a licensed area of the club. If they refuse to move to this area, Police must be called.

Should our club not adhere to these rules, SEDJ will enforce- all home games be removed for up to one month at the Leagues Discretion.




During the course of a match, the only persons allowed inside the fence of the playing field are the players, referee, touch judges, strappers, sand and ball boys and Duty Officials,. The strapper may remain at the halfway line and then may access the players on the field at the discretion of the referee. If the strapper requires further assistance, he/she should raise one arm to indicate to the referee who will stop the game and indicate to the Sports Medicine Official to enter the field. AT NO TIME SHOULD PARENTS OR OTHERS ENTER THE FIELD WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION OF THE DUTY OFFICIAL. Breaches of this policy will be in the first instance dealt with accordingly by the Club Committee.




All coaches and managers are expected to attend meetings called periodically.



Every team is required at least two Duty Officials for every home game.

Detailed responsibilities will be published but include verification of player registrations, crowd control and safety and integrity of the players referees and officials.




The club has a weekly newsletter which includes Game Reports from previous week, upcoming games for the following week, and any important news items from the Club.


All correspondence must be directed through the club secretary.

Under no circumstance is a member or player to contact SEDJ personally.



Songs sung after a game MUST NOT contain offensive language. These songs are banned,  continued singing will result in steep fines from SEDJ.